RESULTS: Los Angeles County Youth Sports Participation Survey

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2 min readOct 14, 2022

The LA84 Foundation and the Play Equity Fund recently released the results of their commissioned research — the 2022 Los Angeles County Youth Sports Participation Survey for the Play Equity Fund — to assess youth sports, childhood health, and community well-being.

Originally launched in 2016, this year’s edition of the biennial report revealed that “youth in Los Angeles County are participating in sports and healthy activity less than they were prior to the pandemic.

LA84 Foundation President & CEO and President of the Play Equity Fund Renata Simril, who also serves on the PLAY Sports Coalition Board, said:

“The pandemic and its related hardships widened the gap between youth who have the opportunity to participate in sports and play programs and those who do not — particularly kids in communities of color. The benefits of physical activity and play cannot be just for the privileged.”

Key findings included:

  • 57% of households with youth ages 6–17 say they developed an increased appreciation for sports & physical activity over the course of the pandemic.
  • One out of every three adults said there were NOT ENOUGH opportunities for their children to play sports in Los Angeles County. This percentage was higher among lower-income households
  • Parents and Caregivers indicated that LOWER COSTS, More ACCESSIBLE and CONVENIENT LOCATIONS closer to where kids live and FINDING MORE TIME would make it easier for their children to participate in sports.
  • Similar to the 2018 and 2020 surveys, “I wish more sports were available at my child or children’s school(s)” was the statement receiving the highest level of agreement.
  • 70% of adult respondents agreed the COVID pandemic “has made it difficult to find places for my children to play sports in LA County.” The agreement was higher among households making less than $75,000.

Access the complete 2022 Los Angeles County Youth Sports Participation Survey for the Play Equity Fund.



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